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The Last of Us

The last step before the jump to a next-gen consoles. The Last of Us shows the true power of PS3 and is no doubt the best looking game to date made for the current generation consoles. From the creators of Uncharted series nothing short of perfection was expected, and they didn't fail to deliver just that.

This game is a fine mix of horror-survival (think Resident Evil 4), 3rd-person action (think Tomb Raider) and exploration (think Fallout 3) and does not feel like a short story in the least. Protagonist isn't just a rundown typical hero and you're in for some nice and unexpected treats on your adventure through a post-apocalyptic cities, forests, beaches and what not. If there was a game that could force you to buy a whole console because of it, this would be the one.

Jan 11, 2014, submitted by MAT (72562)


While marveling at the coolness of Star Control II, it is important to study some game history and remember that, no matter its undeniable quality, that game was in essence a Starflight variant. Starflight will always surpass Elite in my eyes, because, while both games pioneered space exploration genre, Starflight did it with an emphasis on discovery and alien communication, toned down the simulation aspect, and replaced trading with elegant planet mining, resulting in a more RPG-like, plot-driven experience (no matter how well-hidden the plot was). Just driving your terrain vehicle and training your communication officer so that he'll be able to penetrate the minds of Arrogant Veloxi or laid-back Elowan is addictive as all hell. It is also a rare case where a console version of a Western PC game is probably the best one of all, with better graphics and much swifter interface.

Jan 05, 2014, submitted by אולג 小奥 (169089)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Featuring a game belonging to an ultra-popular franchise may seem redundant, but I had a reason for choosing this specific installment. It occupies an odd spot within the series, having a decidedly darker setting and story and introducing the controversial mechanic of a three-day in-game clock. However, after the initial discomfort of having to get used to the game's rules I began to gradually realize how marvelous it turned out to be. Instead of just being an add-on to the great Ocarina of Time, it came loaded with personality and gameplay ideas complementing and even surpassing those of its famed predecessor. The sheer magic of its world, the depth of interaction, and the incredible variety and richness of gameplay are greater than ever before. Of all Zelda games, this one is very close to being my personal favorite.

Sep 07, 2013, submitted by אולג 小奥 (169089)

Shadow Tower: Abyss

Forgotten gems by FromSoftware, part II. If the phrase King's Field with guns does something to you, get this game, apply the English translation patch, and plunge into the world of delightful From-style first-person action role-playing. You've got the exploration, you've got the challenge (though the game is actually easier than any King's Field), you've got incredible atmosphere that tops everything they've done before (courtesy of beautiful and detailed graphics), and you've got... that's right: guns! I haven't yet played the first game, but this criminally overlooked sequel is a must for fans of the great company's work.

Aug 25, 2013, submitted by אולג 小奥 (169089)

Narsillion: Leithian Another Story

In 1999, a small Korean development studio named Garam & Baram released Leithian, an innovative RPG that combined action-based combat, party management, and Eastern-style character-driven plot. Unfortunately, the game was plagued by severe balance issues. The prequel Narsillion corrects most of them while building upon the predecessor's brilliant ideas. Basically, if you want to have some addictive Diablo-style hack-and-slash with an abundance of items and character-building coupled with party management and a strong, emotional story that takes the best elements out of Japanese RPGs, this is the right address.

Aug 05, 2013, submitted by אולג 小奥 (169089)

Divine Divinity

Did you enjoy the fast gameplay and obsessive collecting of Diablo, but wanted some actual role-playing in it? Did you love the writing and the rich world of Baldur's Gate but would prefer solo action-oriented combat? Did you admire the vastness of Elder Scrolls games but wished their worlds were populated by interesting characters? Well, this underrated Belgian game sort of fulfills all those wishes. Sure, in each of those categories taken separately there are more polished, tighter games. But few other games let you have a bit of everything, in the right doses, where everything is created with passion and attention to detail. The only uncool part of this game is its title, but I guess you can forgive that.

Jul 24, 2013, submitted by אולג 小奥 (169089)

King's Field

Universal recognition came late to FromSoftware. Well, better late than never. Dark Souls is the new gourmet food of hardcore RPG fans, and its success drew attention to the company's earlier works. Inexplicably neglected, King's Field, their very first game, is an outstanding first-person 3D action RPG way ahead of its time, worthy of being mentioned together with Ultima Underworld and Arena as a genre-defining game. Superb semi-open level design, challenging battles, great atmosphere, and a fantastic sense of growth this game conveys betray its pedigree to anyone familiar with FromSoftware's more recent hits. Get it, play it, savor it.

Jul 11, 2013, submitted by אולג 小奥 (169089)

UnReal World Sometimes you've just had enough of mainstreaming gaming whose idea of creativity never really varies from their ability to copycat a previously successful title.

In this regard, one seemingly hybrid genre in the indie world is survival role-playing games, originally a genre adaptation of rogue variants where role-playing games goes back to its good ol' traditional roots of character development, getting lost, while still figuring out how to play the game after a few dozen humiliating deaths by mutated chickens.

UnReal World is perhaps one the most well known games of this genre. Introducing a huge world where (scenario depending), the player has to survive the wilds in an almost realistic setting of starvation and dodging bears. Need a spear to hunt? Buying stuff is for newbies. Make a spear on your own, chop wood, create traps to ensnare deer, or if all else fails, ambush wayward travellers and enjoy a new life of cannibalism.

On a side note, the game developers dedicate this game to the indigenous people of the world. So internet points for not creating yet another RPG where you have destroy some primal evil or a romance novel for nihilistic emo-teenagers.

Jun 24, 2013, submitted by Indra is here (19707)

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

When FromSoftware was releasing their King's Field games, most people didn't pay attention - maybe because early 3D graphics and slow gameplay wasn't fashionable during the multimedia revolution. Now, fed up with linear, overly cinematic, hand-holding games, RPG lovers have opened their hearts to the phenomenon that is Dark Souls. This is a no-nonsense, hardcore game for people who like exploring vast, magnificently designed and darkly atmospheric interconnected worlds, fight very challenging enemies, and gradually build up a character out of a million options available. Dark Souls is the real deal, a game that boldly goes against modern design conventions, a game to be played and studied by everyone. And with a few tweaks, even the weird PC port is perfectly playable!

Jun 13, 2013, submitted by אולג 小奥 (169089)

Pool of Radiance Pool of Radiance enjoys an almost legendary status with those familiar with the name. Among the right audience, it will still be brought up with the same reverence that NES owners talk about Super Mario Bros 3 or arcade fanatics mention Street Fighter II. It wasn't just another RPG or a good RPG, it was the RPG that defined the late 80s and the first successful implementation of the D&D license on computers. Its engine (the “Gold Box” engine) spawned fourteen games in total, including auspicious titles like Champions of Krynn and the original Neverwinter Nights. Pool of Radiance itself was released in some form on half a dozen platforms. A decade later, it was mentioned by name as being one of the direct inspirations for Baldur's Gate. Very few titles have ever reached this level of proliferation and long lasting influence.

Apr 15, 2013, submitted by Scribblemacher (166)

Baldur's Gate

The mid to late 90s saw an ailing RPG genre, as production costs skyrocketed and development cycles grew from months to years. It seemed that role-playing games on the PC would soon become a thing of the past.

Baldur's Gate is one of the major titles credited with saving the "western" RPG from extinction. It did this with a near flawless combination of gameplay, story and atmosphere. Not only was Baldur's Gate everything RPG makers from the previous era had dreamed of doing, it also helped reshape the genre and bring it back to the forefront of gaming.

It's Infinity Engine would power several other remarkable role-playing games, including a sequel, and would be the basis for the Aurora powered Neverwinter Nights.

Apr 01, 2013, submitted by Giu's Brain (533)

The Spirit Engine II

You may dismiss the game as simply a freeware side scroller made by some guy, but you'd be the one missing out, as the care and attention to detail poured into this title put a fair number of well known games to shame. The art style sets each area apart, the enemies are incredibly varied, most boss fights are memorable, the calculations used for skills may make your head hurt, the equipment is so varied that you may be hard pressed to find an item that's a direct upgrade of another, and the story touches on some very important issues.

Mar 18, 2013, submitted by Cavalary (5360)