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Instead of going through various historical missions, this flight combat game gives you a whole new WWII storyline to follow through.

In this game (unlike many other WWII simulations), you start as a small smuggler - a female pilot, no less - and go through WWII timeline, not taking anyone's side in the conflict but your own.

You get to fly several different warplanes, and what's coolest part is that you play through some flashback missions during WWI timeline. The game does not require quick reflexes or pro-pilot simulation status of a player in order to enjoy it. While slightly naive at times, it'll provide a good fun for WWII casual piloting fans.

Jan 28, 2016, submitted by MAT (140139)

This game seems to have a glimpse of what the RMS Titanic looked like in a different world.

The name "Adventure out of Time" for this 1996 first-person CD-ROM adventure means that you are travelling back in time to where you gather information about the Titanic.

The gameplay features photographed people set on 3D backgrounds, and although doesn't feature Robert Ballard-style 'true documentation' of the Titanic, is a very interesting game.

Jan 17, 2016, submitted by KatieCadet2012 (2169)

We've had horror-survival games, we've had horror adventure games, and we've had games with students. This game combines all that into a truly frightening movie-like experience, spanning some 10 hours of gameplay, and that is if you don't count high replayability value.

What starts to feel like a slasher movie like "Scream" takes a turn towards an unexpected supernatural elements which provide all the answers one has earlier in the game.

Player's choices decide the outcome, and there are many. While there are expected corny moments to be found, the main story is supported by a strong grim and serious backbone, making you appreciate what this game has achieved and all those horror movies it managed to top.

Dec 12, 2015, submitted by MAT (140139)

Visual novels in general have never really been my bag, but Danganronpa still managed to quickly shoot up into the ranks of my all-time favorite games. I attribute it to the game's deeply fleshed-out characters and incredibly tight writing; if you're looking for tired clichés and predictable plot twists, you absolutely won't find them here. Furthermore, the game handles some very dark subject matter without ever feeling too bleak. And with over a dozen different characters, all with their own personalities and hidden depths, there's sure to be at least one to appeal to every player.

Though I personally prefer Project Zetsubō's fan translation, NISA did a fair job bringing the game to English-speaking audiences. If you're despairing over a lack of good visual novels, give Danganronpa a shot.

Nov 07, 2015, submitted by Harmony♥ (11565)

Vocaloid is a cool technology which utilized the voice synthesizer for songs. This, in turn, lets you sing anything.

Unlike the Hatsune Miku game series where you have a pre-defined set of songs and just use quick-time events to keep the rhythm on, this game going one step beyond that and lets you select and concatenate lyrics in order that you wish during each of the songs.

While the words you can choose from are given to you at first, by gaining points, you can use them to purchase and unlock new words and create your own lyrics. That, and the visual-novel with full voice-acting of Azuki and Macha add for a nice background story with high-school setting, nice dance choreography, and lots of cool outfits you can unlock.

Oct 21, 2015, submitted by MAT (140139)

Nathan Drake's last stop in the series before heading for next generation consoles.

What started like an another treasure hunter action-adventure game with...

---------- Uncharted: Drake's Fortune -----------
...turned into a benchmark of PlayStation quality and what Sony's console(s) can do with the right team developing the game.

In first game we got a quality title that defined the series and started the adventure. The second one took the base and molded it into something even more graphically powerful. The third one ended up as a sort-of a conclusion, giving us all the PS3 can do and then some.

Uncharted game series are not only great games, but games that defined the PS3 console in its generation and put Naughty Dog's name way up top.

Oct 07, 2015, submitted by MAT (140139)

Games which play and feel like a movie and branch stories to let each player experience their own version of the story seem to be more and more popular, and I for one absolutely love it. While I may be among minority of players who love interactive-movie games from bygone era, this new direction seems the same thing but so much better because it offers so much more.

Early telltale adventure games were various story extensions to popular adventure games, and the gameplay was, well, somewhat typical for adventures, but not really movie-like or engrossing, nor did it offer multiple choices which take the game in a direction based on player's actions.

Along with Telltale's The Walking Dead series, this is a game every gamer should experience... it's not just like watching a good movie, it's you directing it, and living with your decisions of how it turned out based on your choices. Superb presentation of an interactive adventure game-movie.

Sep 21, 2015, submitted by MAT (140139)

Xenoblade Chronicles is often said to be one of the best Japanese RPGs of its generation, and it's not hard to see why. The game boasts an enormous open world, set on the body of an ancient titan, and every inch of it is gorgeous and unique. Though its plot may not hold up to those of its predecessors, Xenogears and Xenosaga, it's still an excellently written adventure in a deep and engaging fantasy world, which is helped even further by its character writing - even minor NPCs are full of personality. Its combat may not break any new ground for the genre, it's still a pretty solid and enjoyable system.

In addition to the many strengths of the game itself, the mere fact that Xenoblade Chronicles received a North American release is worth noting. Nintendo of America initially had no plans to bring it across the Pacific, but a critically acclaimed European release combined with a large and well-organized fan campaign convinced them to change their tune. Xenoblade Chronicles saw even further success in NA after main protagonist Shulk was featured as a playable fighter in the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U installments of Super Smash Bros., and a 3DS port of XC was released worldwide less than a year later.

Sep 07, 2015, submitted by Harmony♥ (11565)

The only PlayStation 3 game that SEGA produced features Sonic in both Classic and Modern combined into one. A combination of a 2D Platform and a 3D Action game rolled into one definitely seems to be worth a try.

Aug 21, 2015, submitted by KatieCadet2012 (2169)

When the platform is over-populated with typically expected games that suit it, every now and then a title appears unexpectedly that makes a fresh use of it and introduces new, original and fun ideas throughout the story and gameplay. Ghost Trick puts you in a role of a recently killed guy who cannot proceed forward until he uncovers the mystery behind his death. Yup, the story is interesting. As a ghost, you can possess objects, move close distances from object to object, and watch the characters react to inexplicable events. Yup, gameplay is fun as well. And platform graphics are done with such a fluid movement it's sometimes hard to believe its running on NDS. And all that with an original soundtrack on par with that of Ace Attorney series builds an interesting detective noir ghost story. This is just one of those games that any NDS platform owner should have.

Aug 07, 2015, submitted by MAT (140139)

In the early 1990s there was this amazing WWI simulation on Amiga known as Wings. While it is something very nostalgic and memorable, it is also a great game that offers three different gameplay perspectives: 1st-person dogfights, top-down bomb runs, and isometric low-altitude strafing runs. What Remastered Edition did was took the original game and with a help of OpenGL and 3D representation presented it in Full HD graphics with the same feel as the original. The game looks and feels just as the old one did with a graphical presentation for nowadays computers which makes it look new, but feel old. This is a true example of how all remakes or remastered versions should be done to whatever nostalgic games we'd like to experience once more.

Jul 22, 2015, submitted by MAT (140139)

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Being a fan of WWII-era when it comes to Call of Duty franchise, I thought Ghosts will be yet another modern, slightly futuristic shooter that may very much resemble Black Ops series. Luckily, it is not. It is so polished in so many new areas that it never gets boring nor repetitive through its campaign. From missions in space, or underwater combat, all the way to commandeering vehicles or rappelling down the skyscrapers, it is drop-dead beautiful and well thought of. Every level is action-paced and story is well done, although nothing we didn't see before (good soldier gone bad). Seeing how it was game for at the time next-gen consoles, its main competitor was Battlefield 4, which may have slight advantage in character graphics, but it lack in every other thing by comparison, especially in easy and fluid gameplay which this game radiates with. If CoD games are going in this way, I don't mind if we lose the well known historical setting of conflict.

Jun 15, 2015, submitted by MAT (140139)