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New platforms

Corn Popper (69781) on Dec 04, 2012

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Happy Holidays!

We've added new platforms Epoch Cassette Vision, Epoch Super Cassette Vision, Epoch Game Pocket Computer, Mattel Aquarius, Philips VG 5000, and Sord M5.

Wii U snuck into the system as well a couple weeks ago.

Some research is being done for Kindle and BlackBerry tablets so those may be coming soon as well.

Re: New platforms

LepricahnsGold (128124) on Dec 05, 2012

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I remember them giving away the Mattel Aquarius on Starcade in the 1980's.

New platforms, starring Mattel Aquarius

Rola (8308) on Dec 05, 2012

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Thank you very much!

I've PMed Kabushi asking to add Mattel Aquarius tech-specs. One thing I missed: is "color/b&w TV" issue important?

I've already submitted 1 new game and 9 ports. Here are some reference websites for this system:


FAQs (unreleased stuff etc.):

Go here for Epoch games:

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Re: New platforms, starring Mattel Aquarius

Rola (8308) on Dec 06, 2012

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I'd like to thank Kabushi for adding Aquarius tech-specs

Re: New platforms

MrMamen (10008) on Dec 05, 2012

But Windows RT / Windows 8 modern UI is still missing.

Re: New platforms

Corn Popper (69781) on Dec 05, 2012

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Are there games they require these as a minimum? These are typically listed under any existing platform and we simply add the new OS version

Re: New platforms

Kabushi (190119) on Dec 05, 2012

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Windows RT is not compatible with earlier Windows. It can only run software that's been acquired through the Windows Store.

Re: New platforms

Sciere (485643) on Dec 05, 2012

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Yes, we can only stretch Win 9.x so far. This is a new platform.

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