How much time do you spend in each single session when you play games?

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Forum Topic Date
Bugs Possible game browser bug Jul 27, 2007
Bugs Convert to Entity bug Aug 06, 2007
Bugs Wizard keeps adding a developer time after time Aug 02, 2007
News XO Communications network up and down Jul 21, 2007
Bugs New companies with release info corrections Aug 08, 2007
Bugs reply equals watched topic? Jul 11, 2007
Bugs Mac credits queue gives server error Jun 30, 2007
Bugs Picture upload error - is the disk full again? Jun 29, 2007
Bugs More strange dates Jun 26, 2007
Bugs Credits wizard not catching existing entries Jun 29, 2007
Bugs Email hiding Jun 16, 2007
Bugs Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability Jun 26, 2007
Bugs Weird WIPing bug Jun 12, 2007
Bugs Cheat/Codes on frontpage Jun 12, 2007
Bugs where did that "continue" button go? Jun 11, 2007
Bugs Can't view three new reviews Jun 29, 2007
News Another MobyGames update Jun 08, 2007
News We have a new #1 Top Contributor!!! Jun 06, 2007
Bugs Game browser hides PD games Jun 11, 2007
Bugs "Edit Covers" - wrong covers being displayed Jun 11, 2007
Bugs Selected screenshots May 20, 2007
Bugs Formating bug when approving revisions Jun 27, 2007
Bugs Which game is this post for? May 20, 2007
Bugs No group description shown at the approval page May 20, 2007
Bugs New board bug related to boards for each game... May 20, 2007