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Posts by Dr. M. "Schadenfreude" Von Katze

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Forum Topic Date
Game Talk Video game journalism Jan 15, 2007
Off Topic The Chaser's War on Everything Jan 19, 2007
Game Talk Fx fighter game Jan 09, 2007
Off Topic Movie discussion Dec 18, 2006
News Wiii-aaammm! Dec 07, 2006
Off Topic Hide my head I want to drown my sorrows. Nov 15, 2006
News Duke Nukem *Not* Forever Nov 19, 2006
Game Talk games and sound effects Nov 07, 2006
Game Talk Will Direct Action Games ever stop torturing us? Nov 06, 2006
Game Talk To enjoy games more fantastically! Nov 05, 2006
Off Topic I just have to bitch. What happened to English? Oct 23, 2006
News A twenty-something industry with a teenage mindset. Oct 12, 2006
Game Talk developer question for gamers Sep 29, 2006
Off Topic A bit of how I am feeling right now Sep 30, 2006
Off Topic VIdeo Gaming in the Library Sep 28, 2006
News Uwe Boll beats the snot outta Somethingawful's Richard "Lowtax" Sep 25, 2006
News Yarrrggggg ... or ... better late than never Sep 24, 2006
News Are Wii getting some doubts here? Sep 20, 2006
Game Talk Jane Jensen working on a new game Sep 20, 2006
Off Topic Battlestar Galatica Sep 18, 2006
News Woa...I'm in the MATRIX ! Sep 10, 2006
News The west going east is due south Sep 10, 2006
Game Talk What's the strangest game you ever played? Sep 10, 2006
MobyGames Isometric Sep 03, 2006
News Come get some Sep 03, 2006