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Posts by Dr. M. "Schadenfreude" Von Katze

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Forum Topic Date
News The Difficulty with Difficulty Jul 21, 2006
Off Topic Original games, as seen in the third world Jul 28, 2006
Off Topic Pirates of the Carribean = Monkey Island? Jul 20, 2006
Game Talk Video Game Bosses Jul 30, 2006
Game Talk Crysis Jul 18, 2006
Game Talk Why do they do this? Jul 20, 2006
News Games are up in the US Jul 15, 2006
News I didn't do it Jul 15, 2006
Off Topic Crazy people stories Jul 14, 2006
News We've been playing them all along Jul 15, 2006
Game Talk Awesome new PC game: The Ship!!!! Jul 12, 2006
News Ipod killed the video star Jul 13, 2006
News Hell is other people with your Source Code... Jul 13, 2006
News Yet another Top 10 ... or ... what the hell is wrong with us? Jul 11, 2006
Off Topic Fantasy books, as seen when you're older Jul 11, 2006
Off Topic BEST.WEBSITE.EVER Jul 09, 2006
Off Topic Time for some serious talk. Aug 20, 2006
Game Talk The future. Jul 14, 2006
MobyGames Problem with "My Playlist" Jul 08, 2006
Game Talk "The Suffering" and what's wrong with you people? Jul 15, 2006
News Halo 3 Pre-order Jul 07, 2006
News The Columbine Diaries Jul 21, 2006
News Just spell my name right. Jul 11, 2006
Game Talk The remake machine's gone out of control!!!! Jul 04, 2006
Game Talk What is your definition of GAMEPLAY? Jul 02, 2006