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Posts by Brian Hirt

33 public threads matched your search. Displaying items 1 through 25.

Forum Topic Date
Bugs Something odd concerning screenshot contribution Jan 09, 2003
Bugs Screenshots gone missing Jan 09, 2003
Bugs Games not showing up in basic browse Jan 10, 2003
Bugs Message board doesn't work with Opera 7 Jan 11, 2003
Bugs PC games are not PAL/NTSC Jan 09, 2003
Bugs Cover art for a platform not approved showing up Jan 10, 2003
Bugs Platform duplicated in summary list Nov 20, 2002
Bugs Adding Games to Group - a minor irritation Nov 14, 2002
Bugs Credits - Jr. not showing on screens Nov 14, 2002
Bugs Have/Want Lists - not updating Jan 15, 2003
Bugs Sega CD tech spec. Nov 04, 2002
Bugs Covers and screenshots error Nov 01, 2002
Bugs Feature Article doesn't allow section deletion Nov 01, 2002
Bugs Icewind Dale 2 weirdness Nov 01, 2002
Bugs Cannot access approval pages. Oct 23, 2002
Bugs Company not in the system, not getting a warning Oct 25, 2002
Bugs Game Description Approval Page error mess. Oct 19, 2002
Bugs Should bugs in data be posted here? Oct 20, 2002
Bugs I tried to add a featured game Oct 17, 2002
Bugs Editing company titles on new game entries. Oct 17, 2002
Bugs Adding a new game for multi platform Oct 17, 2002
Bugs Cannot contribute poll! Oct 17, 2002
Bugs Box cover region error Oct 17, 2002
Bugs New Game Entries - not updating Oct 17, 2002
Bugs New game without description? Oct 11, 2002