How much time do you spend in each single session when you play games?

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Forum Topic Date
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Game Talk Searching for NR2005 Apr 19, 2007
News Nintendo game cart sells for $21,400 Apr 20, 2007
Off Topic mo siang online open beta? Apr 21, 2007
News Pokemon DS pre-sales top 500k in US alone Apr 18, 2007
News STALKER not Stealing Apr 17, 2007
News Michael Bay to direct Prince of Persia Movie Apr 16, 2007
News 20Gb PS3 Officially Dropped in North America Apr 11, 2007
News Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Apr 11, 2007
Off Topic What do you like/dislike about the place you live? Apr 11, 2007
Game Talk Is the Age of Buying Video Games Dying? Apr 10, 2007
MobyGames Approver Inconsistency: Case Study Apr 10, 2007