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Posts by Freeman

34 public threads matched your search. Displaying items 1 through 25.

Forum Topic Date
Off Topic Got married Jan 06, 2007
Bugs Nintendo Product Codes Oct 12, 2006
Off Topic Books recommendations Aug 17, 2006
Game Talk Famous & Memorable Game Quotes. Aug 10, 2006
Bugs Credit entries splitting Aug 06, 2006
Game Talk New Roberta Williams interview Jul 18, 2006
News We've been playing them all along Jul 13, 2006
Game Talk "The Suffering" and what's wrong with you people? Jul 12, 2006
Game Talk The MobyGames Sacred Cow Roast May 27, 2006
Game Talk What were they thinking? May 22, 2006
Off Topic I'm back... or am I? May 21, 2006
Game Talk Interesting interview with Tose May 21, 2006
Off Topic Have you seen this video? It's RAD! May 11, 2006
News Freeman reaches 10,000 pts. May 02, 2006
Game Talk Please help me find "Keyboard Cadet" Apr 30, 2006
Game Talk *varf varf* Apr 21, 2006
Game Talk I want May 01, 2006
MobyGames Certain entries could use much better screenshots Apr 07, 2006
Game Talk Spectrum people, need some help Mar 31, 2006
News Are publishers burying the credits? Apr 02, 2006
News GTA3 for the NES Mar 30, 2006
Game Talk Obscure Version of Tetris Mar 28, 2006
MobyGames Anyone want to earn some contribution points Apr 02, 2006
Off Topic Moby 'Games' Mar 28, 2006
Bugs Comments for credit entries Mar 21, 2006