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Posts by Matt Neuteboom

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Forum Topic Date
News Merry Christmas Dec 25, 2008
Game Forums are the controls as bad as people are saying Dec 29, 2008
MobyGames I miss Riamus Nov 09, 2008
Off Topic Zero Punctuation Nov 05, 2008
Game Forums Solution to the lack of an "objectives" screen Nov 04, 2008
Off Topic Worst game for the SNES Nov 04, 2008
Off Topic How to make reviewing more than just a hobby? Oct 28, 2008
Game Talk Game crisis Sep 08, 2008
Off Topic Hey everyone! Sep 02, 2008
Game Forums I hope the guy who made the final level gets fired Aug 07, 2008
Game Forums UPDATED: I cannot role-play evil or ruthless characters Aug 07, 2008
Off Topic I'm ending my life. Farewell. Sep 01, 2008
Off Topic Weird weather. Jul 10, 2008
Game Forums Nooooooooooo where's the sequel?!?!?!? Jun 30, 2008
MobyGames Mobygames guest appearance on SomethingAwful Jun 16, 2008