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Posts by Jeanne

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Forum Topic Date
Game Forums Worth a new PC? Dec 24, 2007
News October Sales Wii top selling system; on Xbox360 Halo 3 outsells Guitar Hero 3 Dec 01, 2007
Bugs Credits bug -> developer entry comments Dec 01, 2007
Bugs Spellcheck and other things Nov 22, 2007
Game Forums Censorship issues. Dec 20, 2007
Bugs Error in game browser Sep 20, 2007
Bugs Platform Browser bug Sep 04, 2007
Bugs Convert to Entity bug Jul 26, 2007
Bugs Wizard keeps adding a developer time after time Jul 22, 2007
Bugs Server error notice on PC Credits approval Jul 23, 2007
Bugs "Edit Covers" - wrong covers being displayed May 23, 2007
Bugs Can't upload images May 11, 2007
Bugs Adding games to group problem Apr 20, 2007
Bugs UPC/ISBN Error Jan 10, 2007
Game Talk Need Help Feb 03, 2007