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Posts by Dr. M. "Schadenfreude" Von Katze

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Forum Topic Date
Game Talk Apparently Dark Souls III is a thing... Jun 06, 2015
Game Talk Pathologic Redux Sep 25, 2014
Game Talk Deadly Premonition on PC. Jul 18, 2013
Off Topic Windows 8 - Anyone tried it yet? Jun 10, 2013
Game Talk SHODAN lives! Feb 15, 2013
Game Talk Get Metro 2033 for free! Dec 12, 2012
Game Talk Dark Souls Nexus is up and running Sep 19, 2012
Game Talk ir/rational redux, aka that game I worked on :D Jul 22, 2012
Game Talk More on Wasteland 2: Obsidian might join in Apr 03, 2012
Game Talk No more S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s anymore Dec 10, 2011
Game Talk Bloodlines for the cheaps! Oct 26, 2011
Game Talk Epic Fallout-themed video interview Oct 24, 2011
Game Forums So, these DLCs... Oct 18, 2011
Game Forums Habemus Missingm Linkem! Oct 18, 2011
Game Talk Brian Mitsoda needs YOU! Oct 12, 2011
Game Talk Get Portal --FOR FREES!!!11 Sep 16, 2011
Game Talk Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The reviewes! Aug 22, 2011
Game Talk Pathologic for the very very very cheaps! Aug 03, 2011
Game Forums He wants us to move Katorga-12 Jul 21, 2011
Game Forums How to play it next? (Spoilers inside) Jun 30, 2011
Game Talk Get Cryostasis for free --RIGHT NOW! Jun 12, 2011
Game Talk So Duke Nukem Forever is out ... Jun 11, 2011
Game Forums In this thread, you sell this to me Jun 06, 2011
Game Forums Boss fights >:( May 29, 2011
Game Talk Mass Effect 2 for free to Dragon Age II owners Apr 07, 2011