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Suggestions Genres pages and MobyScore Feb 07, 2016
Suggestions Alternate title character lenght limit needs to be extended Nov 21, 2015
Game Forums For future reference Sep 15, 2015
Bounty Board Developer that needs to be entitized? Aug 21, 2015
Bounty Board The Splits Thread 2 Aug 13, 2015
Game Forums Why hasn't this been done yet? May 10, 2015
Game Forums Trivia says the NES version is a different game. Apr 05, 2015
Game Forums Nintendo DS version should be removed right? Aug 11, 2014
Bugs Editing mobyranks timeout error (Approver bug) Jul 30, 2014
Bugs Game Group description revision timeout error Jun 18, 2014
Game Forums PlayStation the Best version question May 14, 2014
Suggestions Expand notes for approver box for New Groups Mar 28, 2014
Suggestions Contribs should be able to pull escalated items Mar 11, 2014
Game Forums Dragon Spirit: The New Legend - split? Feb 17, 2014
Suggestions Approver request: Make previous sources available Feb 15, 2014
Bugs Credits grouping bug Feb 15, 2014
MobyGames The redesign is getting noticed by other forums Sep 12, 2013
Bugs How did this happen? Apr 26, 2013
News After 24 years, Nintendo Power releases its last issue. Dec 03, 2012
Game Forums Any logical reason to keep the RPG genre here? Oct 28, 2012
Game Forums Any relation to Princess Tomato? Dec 19, 2011
Game Forums Should this game be merged with... Jun 29, 2011
Game Forums Greatest hits covers are ugly Sep 01, 2010
MobyGames Aren't these groups redundant? Jan 24, 2010
MobyGames Sid Meier's C.P.U. Bach - Is this a game? Dec 02, 2009