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Forum Topic Date
MobyGames Father Jack broke a MobyRecord! Oct 30, 2014
News GameFly to launch digital client for PC games Aug 16, 2011
Bugs Game status update error Jun 15, 2005
Bugs Cannot contribute PEGI rating Jun 04, 2004
Bugs Broken "These Items Need Your Attention" Feb 24, 2004
Bugs Cover Art glitch? Dec 24, 2003
Bugs "Submission is a correction!"... Sep 09, 2003
Bugs New games without company not possible Aug 14, 2003
Bugs CommAdore 64 bug. Apr 15, 2003
Bugs Lynx cover bug Jan 29, 2003
Bugs Submitting covers Jan 20, 2003
Bugs Problem with release date entry after WIP Jan 19, 2003
Bugs Can't edit release dates Mar 02, 2003
Bugs Release info for unapproved games. Jan 17, 2003
Bugs Something odd concerning screenshot contribution Jan 09, 2003
Bugs Game wizard - companies Nov 24, 2002
Bugs Covers and screenshots error Nov 02, 2002
Bugs Should bugs in data be posted here? Oct 19, 2002
Bugs What's the worst bug/problem you know about Oct 11, 2002