User review spotlight: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (DOS)

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Forum Topic Date
Game Forums DOS? Jun 24, 2014
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MobyGames SSL Error Dec 10, 2013
MobyGames What the f*ck happened to the have and want lists? Dec 19, 2013
Game Talk Post-DOS episode-based shareware distribution Jun 11, 2013
MobyGames So, can we add Microsoft Excel as a platform? Mar 30, 2013
Game Forums Label vs Owner Apr 02, 2013
MobyGames What do you dislike contributing most? Mar 26, 2013
Game Forums My bug collection Mar 23, 2013
Game Forums Title song sample sources Mar 15, 2013
Game Forums What keys? Feb 10, 2013
Game Forums Is this maybe a coin-op conversion? Feb 23, 2013
MobyGames Is this a bug? Feb 10, 2013
MobyGames Question about German distributor Bomico Feb 05, 2013
MobyGames Game group creating haste Feb 04, 2013
Game Talk Google does it again Feb 23, 2013
MobyGames freemium / free-to-play / pay-to-win Jan 29, 2013
MobyGames Error when trying to upload scans for SG-1000 game Dec 23, 2012
Game Forums Is the MSX release year correct?? Nov 25, 2012
Game Forums Can someone create a "Penguin Land series" Group Nov 25, 2012
Game Forums Penguin Land vs Penguin Land Uchū Dai Bōken Nov 27, 2012
Game Forums Can someone create a group for these: Dec 09, 2012
MobyGames SG-1000, Mark III / Master System question: Nov 23, 2012
MobyGames Updated online games Nov 03, 2012