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Off Topic I hope this new look is.. Sep 12, 2013
News All PC-FX is belong to us! Dec 11, 2009
News Tec Toy announces its new console: Zeebo Nov 14, 2008
News Max Payne movie #1 Oct 21, 2008
News Dark Sector rejected in Australia Feb 17, 2008
News Microids revives Still Life Dec 10, 2007
News Michael Bay to direct Prince of Persia Movie Apr 19, 2007
News You are in a maze of software shelves, all alike Dec 21, 2006
News Common sense reigns Oct 21, 2006
News Yarrrggggg ... or ... better late than never Sep 24, 2006
News How fast are you? Aug 27, 2006
News Atari Dead Pool Aug 09, 2006
News I guess Mark Rein doesn't agree Jul 14, 2006
News Yet another Top 10 ... or ... what the hell is wrong with us? Jul 11, 2006
News Puter around Jun 10, 2006
News The worst game licenses ever May 26, 2006
News The Abandoned Gamesroom gets abandoned... for now Apr 23, 2006
News UMD: The beginning of the end? Apr 03, 2006