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Posts by festershinetop

38 public threads matched your search. Displaying items 1 through 25.

Forum Topic Date
Off Topic 10k before 10th anniversary?. Jan 07, 2014
MobyGames Redesign feedback Sep 28, 2013
MobyGames Question about PS1/PSP screenshots. Oct 23, 2011
News Tec Toy announces its new console: Zeebo Nov 13, 2008
Game Forums Got rare version very cheap Nov 12, 2008
Game Forums How come we're not talking about this yet? Nov 17, 2008
Game Forums Even Ebay uses our screenshots ! Oct 30, 2008
News Call of Duty 4 causes teen to run away from home. Oct 26, 2008
Game Forums Question about the spine of the cover Oct 30, 2008
Game Forums same game? Oct 08, 2008
MobyGames Bug - Always shows email adress Oct 11, 2008
News Easily find a game to contribute to Mobygames Feb 02, 2008
MobyGames Anyone else get a letter from a Mr Devereaux-Ward Jan 04, 2008
News Duke Nukem Forever is Coming: Teaser Released! Dec 27, 2007
MobyGames Contribution collaboration Jan 02, 2008
MobyGames Reserve a game for screenshots feature suggestion Dec 03, 2007
MobyGames Possible bug with Most Wanted feature Nov 25, 2007
News Kansas Board of Education Bans Pok√©mon Apr 04, 2007
News So many laws it is practically anarchy. Feb 08, 2007
News Video games are baaaad Dec 16, 2006
News Canis Canem Edit banned from British retailers Oct 23, 2006
News XO Sucks Giant Monkey Ass Sep 26, 2006
MobyGames Simplified Chinese ???? Sep 13, 2006
MobyGames Anyone want some contribution points v 2.0 Sep 15, 2006
MobyGames The origin of your nicknames. Aug 28, 2006