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Posts by J. P. Gray

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Forum Topic Date
Game Talk Goldsmithing, Cooking, Animal "Trophies" Apr 20, 2010
Game Talk Why isn't the MG elite crying about this yet? Apr 21, 2010
Game Talk People are excited about interactive movies again? Apr 07, 2010
Game Talk Anti-religious sentiments Apr 07, 2010
Game Talk Favorite coverart Apr 26, 2010
Off Topic Politically sensitive thread discussion Apr 08, 2010
Game Talk Favourite game soundtracks Apr 17, 2010
Game Talk The least-exciting year for PC gamers Apr 17, 2010
Game Talk Adaptive AI History? Apr 07, 2010
Game Talk a blast from the past Dec 28, 2009
Game Talk Petition: Remove RPG from Zelda! Dec 19, 2009
Game Talk Tex Murphy free on GOG Dec 23, 2009
Off Topic Hello, My name is Martín and I'm a fanboi =( Dec 12, 2009
Game Talk Underused protagonist archetypes Dec 11, 2009
MobyGames Poll - What's your favorite old-school RPG-series? Dec 08, 2009
Off Topic Musical instruments you play? Dec 07, 2009
Game Talk Best Games of the 2000s. Dec 02, 2009
Off Topic What do you drink? Nov 30, 2009
Off Topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY Unicorn B. Lynx!!!!! Nov 29, 2009
Off Topic So much for humanity... Dec 19, 2009
Game Forums Of Terry Scott Taylor Dec 01, 2009
Game Talk GTA IV sucks Nov 23, 2009
Game Talk Realistic. Nov 23, 2009
Game Talk The explicit: when and why does it go too far? Nov 26, 2009
News New feature article: Leveling Down: The Story of Hentai RPGs Nov 05, 2009