User Review Spotlight: An in-depth review of Superman (N64), which has a reputation for being one of the worst games ever made.

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Forum Topic Date
Bugs Game status update error Jun 12, 2005
Bugs Message board is broken in FireFox. Feb 02, 2005
Bugs Release Info small bug Jun 08, 2004
Bugs Mozilla doesn't load pages properly Mar 05, 2004
Bugs Bug and Feature mail-in is broken Sep 18, 2003
Bugs Error in credits wizard Aug 29, 2003
Bugs Duplicate technical attribute Jun 03, 2003
Bugs Mystery characters Apr 15, 2003
Bugs Recent modifications Feb 26, 2003
Bugs Rejected tech info Feb 05, 2003
Bugs Can No Longer Edit Description Feb 05, 2003
Bugs Release date corrections error Jan 24, 2003
Bugs Approval crash bug Jan 17, 2003
Bugs Release info for unapproved games. Jan 16, 2003
Bugs Sega Master System Jan 15, 2003
Bugs Screenshots gone missing Dec 19, 2002
Bugs Cover art for a platform not approved showing up Nov 24, 2002
Bugs Recent modifications page does not show credits Nov 05, 2002
Bugs Sega CD tech spec. Nov 02, 2002
Bugs Cannot access approval pages. Oct 21, 2002
Bugs Should bugs in data be posted here? Oct 22, 2002
Bugs Editing company titles on new game entries. Oct 13, 2002
Bugs New Game Entries - not updating Oct 12, 2002
Bugs Quck Search not working for developers Oct 10, 2002
Bugs What's the worst bug/problem you know about Oct 07, 2002