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Posts by Tomas Pettersson

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Forum Topic Date
MobyGames Same review from two different sources Feb 28, 2018
Bugs Credits vanish from the submission Apr 12, 2017
Find a game Amiga adventure game May 17, 2016
Find a game mid 90's pc game, adventure/ rpg turns from day to night Sep 29, 2015
MobyGames Site update part deux Feb 05, 2014
MobyGames Really bad games showcase Jan 30, 2014
MobyGames Announcement (the old site is coming back) Dec 21, 2013
MobyGames Alternatives to Mobygames Sep 28, 2013
MobyGames Can anyone approve my articles? Sep 18, 2013
MobyGames GIVE US THE OLD SITE BACK Sep 18, 2013
MobyGames The redesign is getting noticed by other forums Sep 14, 2013
MobyGames Redesign feedback Sep 14, 2013
Game Talk Worst sequel you've ever played... Aug 28, 2009
Off Topic Anyone else more offline in the age of online? Jun 14, 2009
Off Topic Is that an emulator in your pocket? Jun 26, 2009
MobyGames Game Group Request Thread May 25, 2009