2.5D Engine: Build

Group Description

Games using the Build graphics engine, written by Ken Silverman for 3D Realms Entertainment.

The engine improved on DOOM in several ways, including (but not limited to):
  • Sloped ceilings and floors
  • High-res SVGA and VESA support
  • True rooms above rooms
  • Moving vehicles
  • Transparent sprites
  • Underwater swimming
  • Map sectors can move during game play
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Game Titlesorted in descending orderYearPlatformPublisherUser Score
Electric Highways2015WindowsDagestan Technology...
Shaw's Nightmare2013DOSMickey Productions...
Wanton Destruction2005DOS3D Realms Entertainment, Inc.4.00
Gamefest: Redneck Classics2000WindowsInterplay Entertainment Corp....
WWII GI1999DOS, Linux, WindowsGT Interactive Software Corp.2.77
Redneck Rampage: Family Reunion - Gun-Totin' Compilation1999WindowsInterplay Entertainment Corp....
One Unit Whole Blood1998DOS, Linux, WindowsAtari, Inc.4.09
Redneck Rampage: Family Reunion1998DOS, Macintosh, WindowsInterplay Entertainment Corp....
So You Wanna Be A Redneck1998WindowsHead Games Publishing, Inc....
Twin Dragon1998DOSLevel Infinity3.57
Redneck Rampage: Suckin' Grits on Route 661998DOSInterplay Entertainment Corp.3.29
Redneck Icechest of Value1998DOSInterplay Productions, Inc....
Redneck Rampage Rides Again1998DOSInterplay Entertainment Corp.3.52
Extreme Paintbrawl1998WindowsHead Games Publishing, Inc.0.96
NAM1998DOS, Linux, Macintosh, WindowsGT Interactive Software Corp.2.47
Nuke It1998DOSMicro Star Software...
Duke 3D Mania1997DOSMost Significant Bits, Inc...
Blood: Plasma Pak1997DOSGT Interactive Software Corp.4.00
Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach1997DOSWizardWorks Group, Inc.3.60
Blood1997DOSGT Interactive Software Corp.4.11
Duke it out in D.C.1997DOS, MacintoshMacSoft3.67
Redneck Deer Huntin'1997DOS, WindowsInterplay Entertainment Corp.2.64
Duke Xtreme1997WindowsWizardWorks Group, Inc.2.92
Duke: Nuclear Winter1997DOSWizardWorks Group, Inc.2.50
Duke Nukem's Penthouse Paradise1997DOSGT Interactive Software Corp....
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Selected Covers

Wanton Destruction DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Wanton Destruction
Duke Xtreme Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Duke Xtreme

Selected Screenshots

Game title shown on in the main menu.
Screenshot from Wanton Destruction
Starting the first set of single-player levels: the convention centre.
Screenshot from Duke Xtreme
The main menu
Screenshot from Redneck Deer Huntin'
Title screen
Screenshot from Blood: Plasma Pak
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