2.5D Engine: Build

Group Description

Games using the Build graphics engine, written by Ken Silverman for 3D Realms Entertainment.

The engine improved on DOOM in several ways, including (but not limited to):
  • Sloped ceilings and floors
  • High-res SVGA and VESA support
  • True rooms above rooms
  • Moving vehicles
  • Transparent sprites
  • Underwater swimming
  • Map sectors can move during game play
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Selected Covers

Duke!ZONE DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Duke!ZONE
Duke Xtreme Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Duke Xtreme
Powerslave DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Powerslave

Selected Screenshots

Starting the first set of single-player levels: the convention centre.
Screenshot from Duke Xtreme
Character selection
Screenshot from Euijeok: Im Kkeokjeong
Arctic Assault level 1 start
Screenshot from Duke!ZONE II
Lobotomy Software Inc
Screenshot from Powerslave