3D Engine: id Tech 1

Group Description

Games using the id Tech 1 graphics engine (formerly known as the "DOOM engine") (original or modified) by iD Software, Inc..

Doom's source code was released to the public on December 23, 1997 under a license allowing noncommercial use; in 1999, it was re-released under the GNU General Public License. This led to the development of numerous source ports adding new features to the engine.

Some facts:
  • It was the first 3D game engine that allowed variable heights for floors and ceilings. However, it only allowed one floor or ceiling per area, making multi-storied levels impossible.
  • John Carmack experimented with 16 bit textures, but found the overhead unacceptable for the game.

Selected Covers

DOOM Classic Complete Windows Front Cover
Front cover for DOOM Classic Complete
Chex Quest DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Chex Quest
H!Zone DOS Front Cover
Front cover for H!Zone
Strife DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Strife

Selected Screenshots

Baby Flemoids from the intro cutscene
Screenshot from Chex Quest
Loading Heretic level HELLFURY.WAD
Screenshot from H!Zone
Title picture
Screenshot from Harmony
Title Screen
Screenshot from Strife