3D Engine: id Tech 4

Group Description

Games using the id Tech 4 engine (original or modified) by id Software, Inc. It was originally created as an enhancement to id Tech 3, but eventually entirely rewritten. Since Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, the engine supports the MegaTexture technology, added as a means for expansive outdoor scenes, lacking in the original version of the engine. Instead of using different textures, a single massive texture covers the entire polygon map.

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Selected Covers

Quake 4 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Quake 4
Wolfenstein Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for Wolfenstein
Prey Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Prey

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen.
Screenshot from Quake 4
Main Menu
Screenshot from Wolfenstein
Main game screen
Screenshot from Prey
Main Menu
Screenshot from Brink
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