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Denotes any game that is based on a trademarked character, product, mascot, or logo for the primary purpose of advertising that trademark or product. Most of these are given away free or sold for a pittance. Examples: Ford Simulator, Cool Spot (7up), etc.

  • Giveaways or promotions where a "regular" game might be given away by a specific company or product.

  • Games based on toy or other licenses that are not intended primarily as ads (if the developer paid for the right to use the property, it doesn't belong).

  • Games that have product placement or other forms of in-game advertising but the game itself is not an ad. (Most sports games.)

  • In the event of the product or brand being promoted being a musical act, album or tour, please find and file under the famous musical star games group. If it is a television show, there is the TV-inspired games group, while for films and books we have the movie-inspired games and literature-inspired games groups, respectively. Finally where toys are concerned, please use the this group -- the product in question is a toy.

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Game Titlesorted in descending orderYearPlatformPublisherUser Score
New Beetle Tracks and Gaps1997WindowsVolkswagen2.92
Tonka Search & Rescue1997Macintosh, Windows 3.xHasbro Interactive, Inc.3.64
S40 Racing1997WindowsDigital Illusions CE AB3.20
Koach Tzabar1997DOSTzabar...
Captain Gysi und das Raumschiff Bonn1997DOSPartei des Demokratischen Sozialismus...
Milo the Fuel Run1997DOSHarrow Software Pty Ltd3.92
Ahlgrens Bilspelet1997WindowsLeaf Sverige AB1.83
Animal1996DOS, WindowsOcean Software Ltd.2.57
Chex Quest 21996DOSRalston-Purina3.76
Tonka Construction1996Macintosh, Windows 3.xHasbro Interactive, Inc.3.76
Surf 'm Up!1996WindowsInterbrew Nederland N.V.3.38
Ein Kmo Bamba1996DOSOsem...
Vardit VeHaShokolada BeMasluley HaOlympiada1996DOSVered Hagalil...
Vardit BeHarpatka Hadasha BeAlifut HaGlisha1996DOSVered Hagalil...
Skeleton Warriors1996PlayStation, SEGA SaturnPlaymates Interactive Entertainment, Inc.3.13
Fisher-Price Learning in Toyland1996Macintosh, Windows, Windows 3.xDavidson & Associates, Inc.4.39
Sapo Xulé: S.O.S. Lagoa Poluída1996SEGA Master SystemTec Toy IndĂșstria de Brinquedos S.A.3.70
Wave Race 64: Kawasaki Jet Ski1996Nintendo 64, WiiNintendo of America Inc.4.00
Chex Quest1996DOSRalston-Purina3.48
MsiBamba Shel Bamba1996DOSOsem...
Toffifee: Fantasy Forest1996DOSV.I.S.T. - Very Interactive Sales Tools GmbH3.20
Agent XXL und das Geheimnis der Quadrate1996DOSAlfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG...
Yogho Yogho spel1995DOSCampina3.70
Tricky Quiky Games: Die Suche nach den verschollenen Seiten II1995DOSNestlé Deutschland AG3.47
VW Sharan: Pack 'n Puzzle1995DOSVolkswagen3.21
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Selected Covers

Toffifee: Fantasy Forest DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Toffifee: Fantasy Forest
Skeleton Warriors PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Skeleton Warriors
Tonka Construction Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Tonka Construction

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Title Screen
Screenshot from Chex Quest 2
Very Interactive Sales Tools (VIST).
Screenshot from Toffifee: Fantasy Forest