Aircraft: Sopwith Triplane

Group Description

Games featuring the Sopwith Triplane in a prominent role.

  • If the aircraft only appears in a game but you can't fly it, the game should not be included in this group.
  • Only real aircraft accepted, no fictional types.
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Selected Covers

Stunt Island DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Stunt Island
Knights of the Sky Amiga Front Cover
Front cover for Knights of the Sky
Red Baron DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Red Baron
Dawn Patrol DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Dawn Patrol

Selected Screenshots

Intro movie quickly showing the game's title.
Screenshot from Stunt Island
Title Screen
Screenshot from Knights of the Sky
Screenshot from Red Baron
Title screen and credits in VGA (low-res) mode
Screenshot from Dawn Patrol
Title screen.
Screenshot from Red Baron II
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