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Animals: Cats

Group Description

Comprises games that introduce cats as protagonists or major plot-related characters, simulate aspects of their lives, or otherwise feature cats as an integral part of content, gameplay, or design. Larger cats such as tigers, lions, lynxes, and other representatives of the felidae family are also included.

  • Games featuring Tasmanian tigers are not included, since this animal does not belong to the felidae family.

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Selected Covers

Attack of the Kittens iPad Front Cover
Front cover for Attack of the Kittens
Aah Impossible Rescue Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for Aah Impossible Rescue
Bearadise iPad Front Cover
Front cover for Bearadise
A Cat's Night Windows Front Cover
Front cover for A Cat's Night

Selected Screenshots

Screenshot from Alley Cat 2
Start screen.
Screenshot from 4 in 1 Row
Title screen
Screenshot from Bearadise
Title screen (PCjr)
Screenshot from Alley Cat