Animals: Cats

Group Description

Comprises games that introduce cats as protagonists or major plot-related characters, simulate aspects of their lives, or otherwise feature cats as an integral part of content, gameplay, or design. Larger cats such as tigers, lions, lynxes, and other representatives of the felidae family are also included.

  • Games featuring Tasmanian tigers are not included, since this animal does not belong to the felidae family.

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Selected Covers

Black and White Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Black and White
Lovely Kitty Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Lovely Kitty
Techno Kitten Adventure Android Front Cover
Front cover for Techno Kitten Adventure
Techno Kitten Adventure iPad Front Cover
Front cover for Techno Kitten Adventure

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Black and White
Loading screen.
Screenshot from Zombie Cats
Title screen
Screenshot from Sushi Cat
Start screen
Screenshot from DreamWorks Puss in Boots
Opening screen: there is one room available to join.
Screenshot from Cat Tank Battle
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