Animals: Insects

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Games that feature insects as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role. Note: spider-themed games should not be included here, unless they prominently feature insects as well (since spiders are not insects). Instead see the Animals: Spiders group.
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Game TitleYearPlatformPublishersorted in ascending orderUser Score
Tumblebugs2005iPad, iPhone, J2ME, Macintosh, WindowsGameHouse, Inc.3.60
Wallace & Gromit in Fright of the Bumblebees2009Windows, Xbox 360Telltale, Inc.3.62
Frog Bog1982Atari 2600, IntellivisionMattel Electronics3.85
Crackpots1983Atari 2600Activision, Inc.3.65
Disney•Pixar A Bug's Life1999Game Boy ColorTHQ Inc.3.67
This is How Bees Work2010Macintosh, Windows3.67
Yars' Revenge1981Atari 2600, Browser, Game Boy ColorAtari, Inc.3.74
Super Bee1984Odyssey 2Philips do Brasil Ltda.3.75
Bad Mojo1996Macintosh, Windows, Windows 3.xAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.3.82
The Plan2013Linux, Macintosh, WindowsKrillbite Studio3.82
SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony1991Amiga, DOS, FM Towns, Macintosh, PC-98, Sharp X68000, SNES, Windows 3.xMaxis Software Inc.3.83
Angry Ants2013WindowsDigiPen (USA) Corp.3.83
Mushi Tarō2000PlayStationVictor Interactive Software, Inc.3.83
Battle Bugs1994DOS, PlayStationSierra On-Line, Inc.3.86
Bugdom1999Macintosh, WindowsAspyr Media, Inc.3.87
Bug Attack1981Apple II, Atari 8-bit, FM-7, PC-88Cavalier Computer3.88
Apidya1992Amiga, WindowsPlay Byte3.88
Killer Bees!1983Odyssey 2, Videopac+ G7400North American Philips Consumer Electronics Corp.3.89
Tumblebugs 22008iPad, iPhone, Wii, WindowsWildfire Studios Pty. Ltd.3.92
Banzai Bug1996WindowsGrolier Interactive Inc.3.93
Disney•Pixar A Bug's Life1998Android, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PSP, PS Vita, WindowsActivision, Inc.3.94
Bug!1995SEGA Saturn, Windows, Windows 3.xSEGA Entertainment, Inc.3.96
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Selected Covers

Battle Bugs DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Battle Bugs
Crackpots Atari 2600 Front Cover
Front cover for Crackpots
Frog Bog Intellivision Front Cover
Front cover for Frog Bog
Killer Bees! Videopac+ G7400 Front Cover
Front cover for Killer Bees!
Bug! Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Bug!

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Super Bee
Sierra company logo
Screenshot from Battle Bugs
Here come the bugs!
Screenshot from Crackpots
Title screen
Screenshot from Frog Bog
A rare case of title screen.
Screenshot from Killer Bees!