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Animals: Insects

Group Description

Games that feature insects as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role. Note: spider-themed games should not be included here, unless they prominently feature insects as well (since spiders are not insects).

Selected Covers

Garden Defense Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Garden Defense
Bubble Bees Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Bubble Bees
Beetle Ju. 2 Windows Front Cover release
Front cover for Beetle Ju. 2
Antz World Sportz Game Boy Color Front Cover
Front cover for Antz World Sportz
Escape from Bug Island Wii Front Cover
Front cover for Escape from Bug Island

Selected Screenshots

Opening credits
Screenshot from Ant Attack
Main game screen
Screenshot from Garden Defense
The title screen.
Screenshot from Beetle Ju. 2
Title Screen (English)
Screenshot from Antz World Sportz
A flying nuisance comes buzzing along.
Screenshot from Fly