Application Software / Operating Systems containing games

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This group assembles together a list of application software and operating systems that are treated as compilations containing games which are not available stand-alone.
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Game TitleYearPlatformsorted in ascending orderPublisherUser Score
WinAmp 5.5 (included game)2007WindowsAOL LLC...
Apple DOS 3.2 (included game)1979Apple IIApple Computer, Inc.3.67
Mac OS X (included games)2001MacintoshApple Computer, Inc....
Mac System Software (included games)1984MacintoshApple Computer, Inc.4.50
μTorrent (included game)2008Macintosh, WindowsBitTorrent, Inc....
Discovery CD 16 Multimedia Kit (included games)1994DOSCreative Labs3.80
Gmail (included game)2008BrowserGoogle Inc.3.83
Google Chrome (included game)2014Android, BrowserGoogle Inc.3.00
IBM Personal Computer BASIC Compiler (included game)1982DOSIBM2.80
PC-DOS (included game)1981DOSIBM2.03
MS-DOS 5 (included games)1991DOSMicrosoft Corporation3.11
Microsoft Bob (game included)1995Windows 3.xMicrosoft Corporation3.00
Microsoft Windows 2000 (included games)2000WindowsMicrosoft Corporation3.42
Microsoft Windows XP (included games)2001WindowsMicrosoft Corporation3.92
Microsoft Windows Vista (included games)2007WindowsMicrosoft Corporation3.75
Microsoft Windows 3.1 (included games)1992Windows 3.xMicrosoft Corporation3.26
Microsoft Windows/386 (Included game)1987DOSMicrosoft Corporation...
Microsoft Windows Version 3.0 (Included Games)1990DOSMicrosoft Corporation...
Microsoft Plus! Companion for Windows 95 (Included Game)1995WindowsMicrosoft Corporation3.33
Microsoft Windows 7 (included games)2009WindowsMicrosoft Corporation3.85
Microsoft Windows 98/98SE (included games)1998WindowsMicrosoft Corporation3.30
Microsoft Windows Plus! 98 (included games)1998WindowsMicrosoft Corporation...
Microsoft Windows 95 (included games)1995WindowsMicrosoft Corporation2.83
Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP (included games)2001WindowsMicrosoft Corporation4.00
Microsoft Windows Me Millenium Edition (included games)2000WindowsMicrosoft Corporation4.25
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