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ArmA series

Group Description

A series of realistic tactical first person shooters developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio which were also responsible for the first games of the Operation Flashpoint series. The first game ArmA: Combat Operations was enhanced by the add-on ArmA: Queen's Gambit. The second part of the series is ArmA II. ArmA: Armed Assault (Gold Edition) is a compilation of the first installment and it's add-on.

Selected Covers

ArmA: Cold War Assault Windows Front Cover
Front cover for ArmA: Cold War Assault
ArmA II Windows Front Cover
Front cover for ArmA II

Selected Screenshots

Main Menu
Screenshot from ArmA II
Main menu
Screenshot from ArmA: Combat Operations
In-game intro to Royal Flush campaign
Screenshot from ArmA: Queen's Gambit
Forest gives great cover from enemy fire
Screenshot from ArmA III
Game group created by Opipeuter (16486), additional games added to group by Patrick Bregger (160695), Sciere (393894) and Yearman (19834)