Asymmetrical multiplayer games

Group Description

Games with asymmetric multiplayer game modes, in which one player or faction of players play the game differently from the other(s).

Limitations: this does not include games where players can customize a character by choosing a limited amount of weapons from a large pool or can modify a character through a certain loadout or perks eventually available to all players. The game needs to be played very differently for each side, for instance four versus one, or one character having access to abilities and gameplay not available to the other side.

While many of these games have balanced numbers in each team, but with different gameplay for each side, most of these titles are one against many where the team with a single character is deliberately overpowered.

Selected Covers

Who's Your Daddy Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Who's Your Daddy
Natural Selection 2 Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Natural Selection 2
Evolve Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Evolve
Left 4 Dead 2 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Left 4 Dead 2

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Left 4 Dead 2
Player levels up Commando Perk.
Screenshot from Killing Floor 2
Title screen
Screenshot from Dead by Daylight
Main Menu
Screenshot from Left 4 Dead
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