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Different implementations of Dave Crummack and Craig Galley's 1988 take (as Infection) on Othello, sharing superficial similarities of the domination of a small grid gameboard by pieces featuring one of two colours... with variant gameboard shapes and layouts possible as per the popular Hexxag┼Źn flavour.

The rules can be summarized as follows: each turn, a player can either move one of his pieces two spaces away, or clone one of his pieces onto a neighboring cell. If the newly moved or cloned piece ends up adjacent to some enemy pieces, it converts them into its color so that they go under the player's control.

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Selected Covers

Spot Game Boy Front Cover
Front cover for Spot
The 7th Guest: Infection iPad Front Cover
Front cover for The 7th Guest: Infection
Clubhouse Games Nintendo DS Front Cover
Front cover for Clubhouse Games
Hexxagon HD Android Front Cover second version
Front cover for Hexxagon HD
Hexxagon Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Hexxagon

Selected Screenshots

Main title.
Screenshot from Hexxagon
The game always opens with the standard game but the variants are easily accessed via the menu bar
Screenshot from Blobs
The start of a game.
The game loads to this screen. When the number of players is selected they are prompted for their name(s)
Screenshot from Dots
The start of a game
Screenshot from MicroBalls
Time to challenge your brain!
Screenshot from Ultimate Brain Games
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