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Audio games

Group Description

With any optional visual content rendered redundant by the sound cues provided by the game, these games -- often designed for use by the visually-impaired -- produce output primarily for the ears; sometimes they hinge on the use of narration or text-to-speech synthesis, othertimes on the use of good stereo headphones to assist in navigating two- or three-dimensional spaces.

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Selected Covers

Soundvoyager Game Boy Advance Front Cover
Front cover for Soundvoyager
Blindness Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Blindness
Audio Joust Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Audio Joust
Sonic Invaders Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Sonic Invaders

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Soundvoyager
Intro credits
Screenshot from Blindness
This is really all I was expecting but I guess it was just a splashy loading screen 8)
Screenshot from Sonic Invaders