Avernum series

Group Description

Avernum is a long-running series of traditionally styled RPGs created by Spiderweb Software. Visually, the games in the series are all more or less homologous, focusing instead on interweaving plots and sprawling worlds. The first three installments are remakes of the Exile series.

Selected Covers

Avernum IV Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Avernum IV
Avernum V Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Avernum V
Avernum Bundle Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Avernum Bundle

Selected Screenshots

Spiderweb's Great Help Index
Screenshot from Blades of Avernum
Main menu
Screenshot from Avernum 2
Title Screen
Screenshot from Avernum IV
Start Menu
Screenshot from Avernum
This is the game's menu screen. It is displayed at the start of the game
Screenshot from Avernum 3
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