Berzerk variants

Group Description

Games based on, inspired by, or made in the fashion of Stern's classic Berzerk. Note that Berzerk should not be confused with Atari's Robotron.

Selected Covers

Night Stalker Intellivision Front Cover
Front cover for Night Stalker
Monster Maze TRS-80 CoCo Front Cover
Front cover for Monster Maze
Cybertron Mission Electron Front Cover
Front cover for Cybertron Mission
Robot Wars MSX Front Cover
Front cover for Robot Wars
Berzerk Atari 5200 Front Cover
Front cover for Berzerk

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from Night Stalker
Title screen
Screenshot from Thief
The title screen, with a scrolling text saying this is the first Odyssey² game in over 15 years.
Screenshot from AMOK!
The game begins
Screenshot from Monster Maze
The title screen.
Screenshot from Cybertron Mission
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