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Blaster Master series

Group Description

A collection of SunSoft-affiliated games generally concerning themselves (in North American releases, at least) with the actions of heroic lad Jason (and later, his family) in his Sophia tank against the machinations of the evil Plutonium Boss and his minions. Gameplay generally entails in-tank platforming between out-of-tank top-down dungeon crawls and boss battles for tank upgrades.

Selected Covers

Blaster Master 2 Genesis Front Cover
Front cover for Blaster Master 2
Blaster Master Overdrive Wii Front Cover
Front cover for Blaster Master Overdrive
Blaster Master Boy Game Boy Front Cover
Front cover for Blaster Master Boy

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Blaster Master 2
Screenshot from Blaster Master Boy
Title Screen
Screenshot from Blaster Master
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