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Blitz variants

Group Description

Popularly known as Blitz, the progenitor of this game is said to be Air Attack for the Commodore PET, based upon a sketchy description of Atari game Canyon Bomber. In the game, an airplane flies across the screen above a city with skyscrapers. When the plane reaches the far end of the screen, it reappears on the other end, but at a lower altitude since it is running out of fuel. The objective is to drop bombs on the city to destroy all buildings so that the plane may land on level ground. This kind of game is usually controlled with only one button (see also the One-button games group.)

Selected Covers

Bomb the City Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Bomb the City
Jungle Crash Land Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Jungle Crash Land
New York Bomb Blitz Spectravideo Front Cover
Front cover for New York Bomb Blitz

Selected Screenshots

The title screen and short introduction
Screenshot from Blitz 64
Title screen
Screenshot from Bomb the City
Title screen
Screenshot from Jungle Crash Land
Main menu
Screenshot from Mission Mars
Start up message
Screenshot from Escape From Manhattan