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Traditional board games previously released in physical format, that have been carried over to an electronic format. This would include games from such companies as Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers developed throughout the 20th century. Some examples are: Monopoly, Scrabble and Sorry!

Note: Games featured in the Board / Party Game genre are not automatically valid for this group. Several games, including Jones in the Fast Lane, Billionaire and Mario Party, are original electronic productions and have never been produced as actual physical board games. The genre identifies a style of play, but not necessarily actual translations.

Chess games are excluded from this group because they have their own genre.
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Selected Covers

Diplomacy Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Diplomacy
Web of Power Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Web of Power
Ticket to Ride Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Ticket to Ride
Board Game Classics Game Boy Advance Front Cover
Front cover for Board Game Classics

Selected Screenshots

Main Menu
Screenshot from Diplomacy
Goats and Tigers
Screenshot from Goats and Tigers
Main game screen
Screenshot from 3D Othello Deluxe
Title screen
Screenshot from Board Game Classics