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Breakout variants

Group Description

As one of the first paddle games in gaming history, Breakout (1978) has spawned countless copycats and alterations to its original form. The original game is simple, what with bouncing a ball off of a paddle on the screen in an attempt to destroy all the blocks on the screen. Perhaps the concept is better known by the best-selling arcade variant of the game, Arkanoid (1986).

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Selected Covers

Brixout XP Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Brixout XP
Ball Breaker 3D Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Ball Breaker 3D
Bachelor Party/Gigolo Atari 2600 Front Cover
Front cover for Bachelor Party/Gigolo

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Bust-out!
Title screen.
Screenshot from Uncover It
Dragon Fortress
Screenshot from Brixout XP
Title Screen.
Screenshot from Jail Break
Starting screen.
Screenshot from Araknoid