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As one of the first paddle games in gaming history, Breakout (1976) has spawned countless copycats and alterations to its original form. The original game is simple, what with bouncing a ball off of a paddle on the screen in an attempt to destroy all the blocks on the screen. Perhaps the concept is better known by the best-selling arcade variant of the game, Arkanoid (1986).

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Breakout Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Breakout
Breakout Atari 2600 Front Cover
Front cover for Breakout
Break the Invaders Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for Break the Invaders
Brick Blaster Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Brick Blaster
Brickquest Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Brickquest

Selected Screenshots

The story begins.
Screenshot from Breakout
Start of the game
Screenshot from Break-Out
Game demo mode
Screenshot from Breakout
The player starts with 8 balls
Screenshot from Breakout
Screenshot from Brick Blaster
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