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Cave-flyers and Thrust variants

Group Description

A so-called cave-flyer takes the 360° control method from the venerable Asteroids, adds gravitation and/or inertia, and puts your ship in a landscape with more obstacles than enemies. The most classic example of the genre is Thrust.

In the early nineties, multi-player battle cave-flyers such as GF2, AUTS and Turboraketti II became popular, and the genre received its current name.

The genre flourished in Europe from the early to mid-90's both on Amiga and PC thanks to numerous caveflier games published by young Finnish coders and shareware groups which spread around quickly through BBS systems and the registered versions were popular at copy parties.

Selected Covers

The Executioner Amiga Front Cover
Front cover for The Executioner
Sub-Terrania Genesis Front Cover
Front cover for Sub-Terrania
Gravity Force Amiga Front Cover
Front cover for Gravity Force
Rotor DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Rotor

Selected Screenshots

Analyzing building
Screenshot from Sub-Terrania
Title screen
Screenshot from Fly Harder
Title picture
Screenshot from Gravity Force
Title screen
Screenshot from Fleuch 2.0
Title screen, start menu
Screenshot from Rocket Chase