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A subgenre of the "tile-matching puzzle (creation)" genre.

Gameplay takes place on a board where several marbles appear in random positions after every move. In each move, the player can move one marble to another position, as long as there is a free route from the starting cell to the goal. If at least five marbles of the same color are lined up in a straight line, they vanish, giving the player score.

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Selected Covers

Villa Banana Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Villa Banana
Magic Lines Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Magic Lines
360 Lines Xbox 360 Front Cover 1st version
Front cover for 360 Lines

Selected Screenshots

There is no title screen in this game, the game loads the game screen directly.
The starting handicap/score to beat is 100
Screenshot from Color Linez
New game, let's make it simple with this 7x7 board
Screenshot from WinLines
The starting position with the first batch of three stones arrived
Screenshot from Kolor Lines
The game's title screen
Screenshot from Glowing Bugs
Gameplay shot
Screenshot from Kulki
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