Comanche series

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Developed by NovaLogic, the Comanche series of games are flight simulators focusing on the RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter which would have become the successor of the famous AH64 Apache. The games allow the player to pilot a Comanche through numerous military missions and terrains and engage in both aerial and ground combat.

Since the Comanche project has been cancelled by the US military on February 23, 2004 (the total cost of the project ran up to an estimated 6.9 billion dollars and only two prototype helicopters were ever produced), it appears unlikely that new installments of the series will be produced.

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Selected Covers

Comanche CD DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Comanche CD
Comanche: Over the Edge DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Comanche: Over the Edge
Comanche 4 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Comanche 4
Comanche 3 DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Comanche 3

Selected Screenshots

Intro sequence
Screenshot from Comanche CD
Main menu
Screenshot from Comanche 4
Scene from the intro movie
Screenshot from Comanche 3
Mission briefing -- viewing waypoints.  Unfortunately, you still cannot change the waypoints.
Screenshot from Comanche Gold
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