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Commercial mods

Group Description

This is a list of games that are direct derivatives of freely distributed modifications, or simply "commercial mods".

Accepted games:
  • Games that were modifications at some point in their development without publisher deals
  • Games getting a publisher deal that are largely based on the original modification they're a result of, or a close adaptation of it.

Unacceptable games:
  • Mods that never received a publisher deal
  • Games that are the result of a developer getting a publisher deal because of their past work, but are not based on a mod.

Selected Covers

Dear Esther Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Dear Esther
Dino D-Day Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Dino D-Day
Killing Floor Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Killing Floor
The Ship Windows Front Cover
Front cover for The Ship

Selected Screenshots

Main menu (Dutch version)
Screenshot from Dear Esther
Main menu
Screenshot from Dino D-Day
ZED Time!
Screenshot from Killing Floor
Poison syringe title menu
Screenshot from The Ship