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Commercial mods

Group Description

This is a list of games that are direct derivatives of freely distributed modifications, or simply "commercial mods".

Accepted games:
  • Games that were modifications at some point in their development without publisher deals
  • Games getting a publisher deal that are largely based on the original modification they're a result of, or a close adaptation of it.

Unacceptable games:
  • Mods that never received a publisher deal
  • Games that are the result of a developer getting a publisher deal because of their past work, but are not based on a mod.

Selected Covers

Nuclear Dawn Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Nuclear Dawn
Garry's Mod Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Garry's Mod
Dino D-Day Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Dino D-Day

Selected Screenshots

Main Menu
Screenshot from Nuclear Dawn
Main menu
Screenshot from Garry's Mod
Main menu
Screenshot from Dino D-Day