Crossword Puzzle games

Group Description

Games in which the player must fill in the words in a play grid according to the clues provided, which are either written clues or letters that have been filled in by guessing other words.

This group does not include Scrabble licensees or crossword-based variants of the game.


Arthur Wynne, from Liverpool, England, created, what many consider, the first modern crossword puzzle. It was published in the New York World newspaper on December 21, 1913. It was called "Word-Cross". A few weeks later, due to a typesetting error, the name became "Cross-Word". [Source: Wikipedia]
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Crossword Cove Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Crossword Cove
Puzzler 1000 Crosswords Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Puzzler 1000 Crosswords
Coffeetime Crosswords Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for Coffeetime Crosswords
Crossword Addict Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Crossword Addict

Selected Screenshots

Main menu
Screenshot from Coded X-Word
Title screen.
Screenshot from Crossword Cove
A typical medium sized puzzle.
Screenshot from Crossword Mania
This is the game's load screen. It disappears when the mouse button is clicked.
Screenshot from Puzzler 1000 Crosswords
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