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Dead Rising is a sandbox survival horror game series made by Capcom. In each installment, the protagonist finds themselves at the centre of a zombie outbreak, and must discover its origins by completing individual chapters (or "cases", as referred to in-game) in order to progress through the story within a specific amount of in-game time (usually three days). Alternatively, the player can choose to either spend the three days dealing with "psychopaths" (people driven mad by the outbreak); helping free other survivors of the outbreak; killing zombies for the entire time; or, if the player is willing, sit doing nothing in a zombie free area until the timer expires. If the player manages to complete all cases before the timer expires, they will unlock an extended story mode and/or an extra game mode.

The games take place in a large environment, e.g a shopping centre or a Las Vegas strip style area. Players can explore them at their leisure, and can utilize many items found in them as weapons, such as roulette wheels or coat hangers. In the second game, it is also possible to combine various items to form improved weapons. Food found in various areas can also be used to restore health. Players can also change the characters attire with any items of clothing found in the game world.

The various games have also received various DLC add-on packs, expanding the story with extra missions that act as either sequels or prequels to the respective main game.



According to publisher Capcom, the Dead Rising franchise, numbering 13 titles across several mediums, including films, has sold around 8.3 million units worldwide (as of June 31, 2015).

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Dead Rising: Triple Pack Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Dead Rising: Triple Pack
Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Front Cover
Front cover for Dead Rising 3
Dead Rising 2: Case 0 Xbox 360 Front Cover Version 1
Front cover for Dead Rising 2: Case 0

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Title screen.
Screenshot from Dead Rising
Title Screen
Screenshot from Dead Rising 2
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