Defender games

Group Description

Series inspired by, derived from and officially licensed from Eugene Jarvis' original arcade smash hit for Williams, incorporating generally 2D representations of the player's space ship defending astronauts and colonies on foreign planet surfaces from the depredations of alien raider ships. Please use the Defender variants group for other games with a similar premise.

Selected Covers

Defender of the Favicon Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Defender of the Favicon
Revenge of Defender Atari ST Front Cover
Front cover for Revenge of Defender
Stargate Atari 2600 Front Cover
Front cover for Stargate
Defender 2000 Jaguar Front Cover
Front cover for Defender 2000
Defender PC Booter Front Cover
Front cover for Defender

Selected Screenshots

Scrolling title screen (left part)
Screenshot from Defender of the Favicon
title screen - MCGA/VGA
Screenshot from Revenge of Defender
Before the game starts it confirms the system is adequate
Screenshot from Defender
Title Screen
Screenshot from Stargate
Title Screen
Screenshot from Defender 2000
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