Defense of the Ancients variants

Group Description

Defense of the Ancients (abbreviated as DotA) is a user modification for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. It popularized a set of specific real-time strategy game mechanics:
  • Multiplayer focus: while there can be a single-player mode, DotA variants are primarily multiplayer games.
  • Team based: there is a strong emphases on team play, i.e. the teams consist of multiple players.
  • Heroes: each player controls a single hero unit with special abilities. During the course of a match, the hero's abilities are upgraded. Some variants also offer general upgrades which are applied between matches.
  • Maps: usually the maps are symmetric.


  • Games with DotA user modifications are not included.
  • This group is restricted to real-time strategy games.

Selected Covers

Heroes of Newerth Linux Front Cover S2 Games release
Front cover for Heroes of Newerth
Demigod Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Demigod
Stellar Impact Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Stellar Impact
Bloodline Champions Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Bloodline Champions

Selected Screenshots

Log-in screen
Screenshot from Heroes of Newerth
Main Menu
Screenshot from Demigod
Loading Screen
Screenshot from League of Legends
Game group created by Patrick Bregger (204360)