Deponia series

Group Description

The Deponia games are part of a tragicomic adventure trilogy. Deponia itself is a waste dump planet and it's inhabitis uses the garbage from other planets to survive. The main hero (or at least main character because he is not a hero) is called Rufus, an inventor. The second character is a woman called Goal, which is not an inhabitant of Deponia.

The graphic style is a hand drawn comic style. The games are controlled by mouse, the "normal" point-&-click adventure adventure control.

Selected Covers

Goodbye Deponia Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Goodbye Deponia
Deponia Doomsday Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Deponia Doomsday
Deponia (Flash Demo) Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Deponia (Flash Demo)

Selected Screenshots

Title screen (demo version)
Screenshot from Goodbye Deponia
Start Screen with Rufus changing the objects in his hand.
Screenshot from Deponia (Flash Demo)
Main menu
Screenshot from Deponia: The Puzzle
Main Menu
Screenshot from Chaos on Deponia
Load and Save Menu
Screenshot from Deponia
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